How Much

The question is: How much do I like dressing as a woman?
Well, how does one measure such a thing? By the amount of time dressed, by the number of days dressed, by the number of years as a CD, by the "passibility" of one's dressing? None of these quite works because anything involving time isn't fair to those of us that are closeted. How well a person pases doesn't do it simply because many have inate physical charactistics that make passing very difficult.
How about by the amount of feminine attire accumulated for dressing either by purchase, by borrowing, by theft, by inheritance, or by thrift shop. I was astounded when I brought all of my "special items" together in one spot and suddenly realized that I must really like being dresed like a woman. Here's a brief inventory:
7 - Dresses (including two party dresses)
14- Blouses or tops
10- Skirts
8-  Pair of shoes
11- Pair of hose
2- Sets of workout clothing
3- Bras
11- Panties
1- Girdle
1- Garter belt
1- Slip
3- Camisoles
2- Wigs
1- Nightgown
    A load of jewlery
Not too bad for a closeted cross dresser. Of course, I am relatively certain that many of you fellow CD's have acquired a much more impressive list and many of you have specialized in certain specific "special items" and thus accumulated scads more that I could ever hope to. Still, for a sometime only and a non-passing CD this is a lot of "special items" to pack up and store for most of the year. But even with this minor hoard I love getting dressed up, putting on makeup and jewerly and just "being" as a woman. It is all worth it.
Happy dressing to everyone, may your year be filled with hundreds of special moments and many scintillating shopping trips.
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3 Responses Dec 26, 2011

as time progresses your going to be surprised at what your going to accumulate I have three drawers of bras two filled with panties one with nylons pantie hose and thigh highs two closet filled with femme clothing sweaters jackets well I think you know what I mean

Yes, I do know what you mean. One needs a fast expanding wardrobe in order to pursue this passion of ours. Now I know why women always need closet space.
Oh well, it's worth it.

Hi Deven,<br />
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I met my partner at work. I was, still am his secretary. He has been a CD since he was 11, had several years at school for girls after his mum had fought a court case to allow him to got to girls school. He had never 'come out' at work but I noticed quite accidentally some panties mon his desk. Its a long story but he confessed to me that he had been a CD for years. He 'came out# at work with the help of his boss and since then our lives have been terrific. I call Steffi she now not 'he' and we are very happy together.

That is a very lovely comment. I wish the both of you happiness forever.

I crossdress but don't have as much womans stuff as you do.

I have cut back since I wrote this piece. I now maintain a comfortably storeable stash which is better for me.