Advice For A Son, (3) Next Chapter

For those of you who are following my son and I on this journey, I have a small update.

Yesterday I went shopping while he was in school and I purchased some new clothes with the intention of just a little trickery but all in the effort of helping my son come to terms with his gender confusion. I bought he and I three pair each of some very gender neutral panties in the same colors, navy, mint, and ivory, just to see if he would be interested in having them. I found a normal bikini style made of a polyamide/spandex blend but no lace – just a thin eyelet edging so they wouldn’t be too feminine and scary.

Last night, I cooked us a nice spaghetti dinner and spend the rest of the evening watching television with him curled up together on the couch. The result of our conversation yesterday morning has done wonders for our communication level but I chose not to talk about anything serious last night, just have a wonderful evening investing in the world of my son.

This morning, however, was a little different. I asked if he wanted to get ready with me again this morning and he said he would like to shower in his own bath this morning but he would get ready with me and I told him that I thought that would be great. On my vanity, I had the panty purchase from yesterday laying out in full view, all with the tags still on and the receipt laying on top. When my son came in to get dressed, I had on a lace edged dressing gown and was doing my makeup.

“What are you going to wear today mom? Want me to help pick out stuff for you again?” I would love for you to babe, you did such a wonderful job yesterday. You could grow up and be a fashion consultant.” “I don’t know what that is mom…” “Oh well, it’s just a person who helps people with their dressing style, but they get paid for it. Oh, do you see those new underwear I bought me yesterday over there?” “Yes.” “Well, the clerk accidently gave me three pair that are a little too big for me and I thought rather than to spend the money and time to return them today, I would see if you want them instead and them not go to waste. You never said yesterday what kind of style you prefer when we were talking about my and your dad’s fashion tastes so before I take them back, I thought it would be best to check with you to see if they are something that you like. It really doesn’t make a difference to me, it’s your body, you can wear whatever makes you happy dear.”

“Emm, well mom, their girls’ underwear, are you sure?” “Son, there’s no such thing as girls’ underwear or guys underwear; there is simply underwear that some girls like better than others and underwear that some guys prefer over others. Just because it’s colorful doesn’t mean boys can’t enjoy wearing them, that’s silly. You either prefer color, style and sophistication or you prefer bland, that’s all baby. If you don’t want them it completely ok, I was just trying to be sympathetic to your feelings. I can take them back, no problem.”

“No, that’s ok mom, I guess I can keep them. I actually think I would like them better. Are you sure its ok?” “Baby, its completely ok and normal, you’re not going to show them to anyone anyway. No one will know but you and I if that’s what you want. Besides, we can match. You tell me which ones you will wear today and I will wear the same ones so we can match each other. That will be so much fun right?” “Yea, hey mom, I think I want to wear the green ones today, is that a good one for you too?” “Those are the prettiest ones I think too, You just have to help me pick a dress that they won’t show through, I should probably not wear a dress today right, I think I have some green pants that are close to this color so I can match. Later I will have to get you a shirt that matches so you can match too. If you decide you like these better than your other ones, we will just go buy you more so you will have enough to wear everyday ok?” “Ok, mom, I will let you know.”

Then my son ran off in his room taking his new panties.” Oh well, I guess the waiting is over. I never mentioned it the rest of the morning. I just acted as if everything was completely the same. The smile on his face, however, was what every mother wants to see from her child. There is nothing I could have done to stop him or convince he that he was wrong, the only thing I can do is to embrace him and who he is and continue to try and prove that I am worthy of being his mother. BTW, he was so excited that he didn’t even help me pick out my clothes this morning. I guess I will have to say something to him about that when he gets home from school today. LOL

So, I will just see where this takes us right? He is in the driver’s seat now and he knows his mom is cool with whatever so he shouldn’t be as stressed as he was anymore. I just don’t think the sexual aspect of his situation will become apparent to either of us until he is another year or two older so I think for right now I will let him do as he pleases in the sense of cross dressing but let time and maturity dictate whether he has deeper rooted gender issues or homosexuality.

I will keep you posted on any further changes or discussions which I think might be meaningful to those of you who know best and can guide me.

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You are an amazing mom

Kudos. You danced the line well.

Great article, thank you for sharing. You're a wonderful Mother.

You are an awesome mom!

You rock as a mom!

: )

I admire the approach you are taking with your son. To this day, my mother doesn't know about my liking to wear lingerie. Back in those days, I didn't want to wear anything of my mom's. I wore my sister's clothes. But regardless, she never would have understood or approved. What you're doing for your son is wonderful and loving!!

It took gut's to do what you did for him and he will love you for it believe me!
This might just be a phase that he is going through but I doubt it. I myself used to wear my Mom's dresses with her approval when I was young and it only progresses from there!
I'm in my 50's and it's an addiction once you get started.

And if he's not sexually aroused yet he might be soon!
As I got older and started to wear more it would get me very sexually aroused to the point that I would **********. I still to this day get very aroused from it!
Thank God my wife allows me to wear lingerie when we make love or else I would still be dressing and ************ alone!
As I said it doesn't go away and believe me I have tried to stop many times in the past only to start doing it again and dressing in even more feminine things such as wigs, and make up! The more I look like a woman the more sexual I feel??