Letting The Woman Inside Me Out

I have been dressing for over 40 years. For most of those years I have done it by sneaking around when no one was home but me. My ex wife knew but only tolerated it. She asked that I only dress when she wasnt home and since we worked differant shifts that was easy. At least I didnt have to listen to see if she was driving up when I was dressed. Occassionally when she would have to come home for a few minutes or left work early she would catch me but I didnt have to panic. I cant count how many times I felt guilty for what I was doing and threw everyting out to just start over a few months later

Then I met my wife. I told her early in our relationship about me dressing. She openly accepted it and likes it. She has bought me so many cloths that now I have a bigger wardrobe than she does. I have over 150 pair olf panties. She made me realize that I didnt need to feel guilty and that being a crossdresser isnt what we are but its who we are. She is the one who named be Brandy. I had never thought about getting a womans name. It took some doing but she taught me it was oaky to let out my fem side. I am a retired police officer so being a tuff guy has been my life. Now if I am wearing more than just panties she calls me Brandy. I admitted to her that when I am dressed I have started having thoughts about having sex with me, again she encouraged me to try it. She went out and bought a strap on ***** and we used it. When we are having sex she referes to my **** as a **** and when she is using the ***** on me she calls my as my *****. I love it.

About a year ago she we were at a club we go to where I can dress. We met a guy and out of the blue she invited him home with us. She dressed me in my sexiest nighty and kept encouraging me because I was nervous as hell. She watched and directed everything. I really liked what happened and she admitted that it was the sexiest thing she had ever watched. She encourages me to be with a man anytime I want. most of the time she watches or joins us. If I go alone she wants all the details after. Every time it ends up with us having hot wild sex.

I guess what I am saying with all of this is I am such a lucky girl/guy to have such a great wife. I wish and hope that all crossdressers find a spouse that is at least half as great as mine
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Jan 15, 2013