A Good Find

I found this wonderful poem today, I thought I would share the final part which I felt was the most poignant for my son and many of you. The poem was written by Kimberly Hilliker.

If nurture naturally embraced you, have gratitude.
Be joyful in the acceptance of you and those around you.
Remain involved with self-discovery and improvement.
Raise your head high and breathe; for, 
You are the fortunate. 

Kimberly Hilliker
Cute30sMom Cute30sMom
31-35, F
5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Very Nice

Great poem love thanx for sharing!!! Kisses.......OH by the way you are soooooo sexy...wish I could look just a bit like you!!!

Lovely thank you for sharing

Oh...I so love this. Thank you!

"Be joyfull..." and "Remain involved with self-discovery..." You have made my day AND given me words for the future. Thank you.