Wedding Dress

I was recently by a Bridal shop and was in there just looking at the dresses. They have aisles up near the front and you had to go through aisles of dresses just to get to the washroom. They get you to take off your shoes, so I was in socks, no jacket, walking through this aisle of wedding dresses on either side of me, and they were so close together that they brushed up against me as I walked through them.
It was incredibly breathtaking. I was surprised by how wonderful that it was. All these lovely wedding dresses brushing up against me as I walked through.
I ended up making a gif (animated picture) of going through the aisle. There was a free app on my phone to do so. (can be emailed to anyone wishing to see it).
If you haven't done this, I suggest that you go do it. It was a very unexpected but very exciting experience for me. It actually felt so good that it took my breath away.
If in the Toronto area, go to the place by Dundas and Kipling.
All I have to say is OMG!!!!!! It had me floating for the rest of the day
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Mar 28, 2013