I'm wearing a dress, heels, wig, and jewelry, and I enjoy it. The next step is to explore some makeup to transform my face.
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That's wonderful, enjoy your exploration of your femme.

Each step into femininity fees wonderful.

Check out the Youtube videos on MTF transformation or MTF Makeup. I've been doing it for many years and still enjoy, "puttin on the paint" and particularly refreshing my lipstick periodically. My objective in dressing is to blend in, age appropriately, with those at my desitination, whether its shopping, restaurants, clubs, etc. (Most of the time for me, that means leaving dresses, heels and nylons behind in favor of cool, everyday tops and skirts.) Blending in is much more fun for me than being the center of attention.

At the moment the only female clothes I have to hand are 5 pairs of panties (white size 8-10) and 5 pairs of black tights/pantyhose of which I am wearing a pair of each at the moment.

Me to me too