How I started my latest phase (or Part 3). It was December 2013, I had been on a new job for a couple of months, through which I hadn't really been able to do anything but work. Years had passed since that last incursion to my aunt's closet and since we moved to our own home, but that weekend I had the house for myself, and for some reason I can't quite pin down I felt attracted to my parent's room, and there, seeing my mother's high heels I had to try them on...

They were nowhere near my size so I went for some simple wedge sandals with a back strap that I could unhook, so I somehow managed to get them on... Only that it wasn't enough for me, so I took a stretchy denim miniskirt and put that on too... It was hard but I managed to change clothes back before any staining occurred, but then I realized two things, first that I really wanted to do it again, and second, that doing so with someone else's clothes not only would be uncomfortable, but would also end up exposing me sooner than later.

So, for the next couple of weeks, after work I went to several malls searching for something girly that met my conditions: not too expensive, actually my size, and most importantly, I had to fall in love with it at first sight. I wasn't exactly looking for one specific thing, it could have been a skirt, a dress, or as it turned out to be, a pair of high heels... For those I soon had one extra condition, having learned that the biggest size high heel that I'd find on regular stores is 27cm, and I am size 28, they had to be open and preferably strappy to make up for that one centimeter.

So after a lot of searching, and even getting some regular clothes here and there, I tried one last store ... not specially known for its clothing section, but exactly because of that bound to have lower prices. And there I found them, my black platform heels with bone white and black straps... After some nervous circling around, making sure they met the conditions, and a girl clerk making me jump asking from behind me if I needed help, I brought myself to grab the box and pay for them, doing my best to look cool as I did... As soon as I got out I found a lonely bench and sat, took them out of the box and into my backpack, briefly admiring them again...

Soon followed some stockings, then a mini skirt and my red thong later that same December, after finding where to hide them safely from my family my collection kept slowly but surely growing, season and clearing sales being specially high points.

So here I am today, job came and went (a much better one on the horizon, yet currently unemployed), but this side of mine sure hasn't gone, it's even stronger now that I've found so many nice like-minded people here on EP. Hopefully this and the previous parts will help you understand me a little bit better.
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Welcome and thank you for the stories. You write very well and your story lines hit the mark with me.

yes yasss I've slowly done the same ill have to post my story soon if not later but I love this one