“i Like To Dress Sexy For My Man”

    Well he is no longer my Boyfriend, so I can’t really say boyfriend, so I will call him my Man, because he really is my Man. I Love him very much, and I Love to dress sexy for him, when the opportunity is there, and is available. I don’t do it very often, only because its not something I feel comfortable doing. I am not very found of my own body, so its just something that doesn’t happen every time we have sex. But that is okay, because it means when I do, decide to dress sexy for him, its more special for him. And its something that he can look forward to.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

My wife feels the same way too. She doesn’t always feel sexy. I just love it when she does though. I know she is doing it for me and that is a turn on and I love to see the reactions from other people too. It shows confidence and that is a very sexy thing for us “Men”.

Horny -.-"