Going Over The Top Heavy

I've got a motel room for the night. I'm assembling my fat suit now. This one is going to be my heaviest. I'm aiming to get over 200 pounds. With me in it that'll be a total of over 400 pounds. I'll describe each layer after I've constructed it.
I am using a climbing harness to build the butt on. I've started with sand bags. 2 x 10 pound bags one on each of my outside thighs, 2 x 15 pound bags one on each hip, 2 x 15 pound bags one on each butt cheek, and 2 x 15 pound bags in a hike bag for the belly. 110 pounds in the base layer.
The next layer is water bags for more weight and lots more wobble. Also attached to the climbing harness 2 x 5 pound bags on each thigh one front one back, a 5 pound bag just under the thigh sand bag, a 5 pound bag just above the thigh sand bag and just under the hip sand bag, a 5 pound bag just above the hip sand bag, a 5 pound bag over each of the butt sand bags, 3 x 10 pound in the hike bag for belly wobble, 10 pounds for each breast, and water filled armbands 5 pounds each. 120 pounds of water.
Suit total 230 pounds, and I feel really heavy.
Over all this is a pair of size 24 maternity sweat pants to hold the water wobble of my thighs and butt in place, a bit. Over all this a duvet cut into pieces so that it covers everything from my neck to my wrists and ankles. Finally on top a pair of size 36 leggins, a size 32 roll neck jumper and a size 36 skirt.
I am huge and really heavy. I have to turn sideways to get through the doors in my motel room. Just walking around the room is exhausting. I have to keep sitting on the bed, and then it's a real struggle getting back up again. I'm ready. Last thing, put a scarf on and out to the services to get some dinner. i'll continue when I get back.

Well I didn't think that through properly. All the doors were too small, I sruggled to just get out of the room. While I was waddling down the corridoor an elderly couple was hedding the other way, we almost had to squeeze past each other. The lift seemed tiny, it's a good job I had it to myself. There was a sofa in the lobby, I had to use it. As soon as my massive *** touched the soft leather I knew I'd made a mistake. It was low, and I was going to struggle to get back up. I stayed there for a little while then started trying to shuffle to the edge. Getting up off that sofa was such a struggle. The services was on the other side of the parking lot which when you weigh nearly 450 pounds, is a long way to waddle.
When I finally reached the services I was exhausted and properly hungry. I got a super size meal, then looked for somewhere to sit. The seats that were wide enough for my *** were bolted to the floor and there wasn't enough room between the chair and table for my bulk. there was nowhere I could sit or fit. I went outside and sat on a wall. I couldn't rest my food on my lap, my belly took up too much room, I had to put it on the wall beside me. I took the giant cola and accidentally knocked the rest on the floor. I went down to pick it up, possibly the biggest mistake yet. Well while I was down there figuring out how to get up, I may as well eat my food.
I was sitting on my knees, I could get one foot on the floor, but didn't have the physical strength in one leg to lift myself. In my struggle I lost my ballance and fell backwards, I was now lying on my back. I know from previous suits this is even harder to get up from. One of myy huge boobs rolled right up under my chin, the other rolled under my armpit. I couldn't sit up, I had to roll onto my front. My butt and thighs were so wide it made it almost impossible. In my struggle I got a little worried that I might not be able to do this alone. I also got really turned on. I did eventually get onto my front. I lay there for a little while kinda humping myself. I got to my hands and knees and crawled to a nearby set of stairs which gave me enough of an angle to drag myself upright. I sat on the wall again for a little while to get my breath back and psych myself up for the walk back to my room.
I tried to walk as quickly as I could, I even tried a little run, but just couldn't manage it. I wore myself out half way across the carpark. The rest was a very slow walk. I tried to take the stairs up to my room rather than the lift. I only just managed one flight of stairs, then took the lift for the other two floors.
So here I am, back in my room, sitting on my bed, wondering what to do next. Do I attempt the walk into town? I'd really like to
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Hi I'd like to help. When will u be online?

Don't people recognize your face when you go out padded?

I have never been recognised, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone I know whilst padded. I would never go somewhere that people who know me are likely to be. This last time was well away from home, and I suppose all people see is a big fat person

Nice fat suit!

Did you take any photos or videos?

If I had, they would be in my album by now. I didn't have a camera with me, except the one on my phone, and that's crap.
Now I know the suit can take that sort of weight, I'll make sure I set up a camera before hand next time, and take pics of the suit being constructed.

I dropped myself on the floor in the room and rolled around for a while, kinda practicing getting up again. I ******** the suit down just enough so I could toilet. I made the suit back up and practiced getting up off the floor some more. Eventually I got the confidence to go out again.
I walked, slowly, into town. It was about a mile. It took most of 2 hours to get there. I stopped in the first bar and bought a drink at the bar. though my legs and feet ached I stood at the bar while I drank it because every seat was taken. People walking past kept bumping into my *** so I turned round. Now my *** was bumping the bar and my belly was sticking out. I bounced a little against the bar and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of my huge soft butt squishing against it. once I finished my drink I went to the next bar. I had one small drink, Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke, Vodka and Orrange, those sort of things. Each bar had it's own challenges. Narrow doorways, big steps and the crowds. Trying to fit an almost 450 pound body through a crowded room is enough of a challenge in itself. I kept miss judging how wide I was. In one of the bars, just for a laugh, I went off to the toilets to see if I could fit a cubicle. It was such a squeeze but I managed it. It was really great to get to sit down for a few minutes too.
After the sixth bar I started to feel like I needed a pee. I knew there was no way I could easily take enough of this suit off to pee, so I headed back to the motel. I rushed the walk back, managed it in just over hour and half. All that extra effort, and I was really pumping all the way, to shave not even a quater of the time. I couldn't hold the pee, that went after about an hour.
So here I am, in my room again, still in my fatsuit, totally exhausted. I'm not even sure I can go through the effort to take it off now. I'm just going to sleep now and will sort it all out in the morning.

So how much does your fatsuit weigh?