Ever since I was really little I’ve always been kinda turned on by the idea of wearing a fat suit but lately I’ve been looking into it even more. I just really love the idea of being so large and heavy that I’d have to squeeze through doorways and would be always bumping into people and having limited movement. I also love making my boobs and bum huge since they’re small irl. I really wanna buy the biggest size underwear I can find and big clothes and make my self fat.
Since I was at home alone yesterday I decided to try it. Unfortunately I don’t have any big clothes and I only had pillows to use so I just did my bum, belly, boobs, back so it didn't look great but it felt wonderful and I may have gotten a little too turned on when I flopped onto the bed and rolled on my stomache :/ I'd love to go out in it and wear it more often but my parents would probably freak out if they knew.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I know how you feel! I have too been captivated by the idea of a fat suit from a young age, and it has grown over the years. I usually wear layers of clothing and if I can, I'll stuff a small pillow under all the layers. The problem is that my parents would freak out too... They have this idea of everyone being skinny because of our asian background. Weighing 50kg/110lbs at the height of 170cm/5feet 7 inches was the Maximum weight they allowed me. I would just love to be able to walk around freely in a fat suit, and not late at night when everyone are asleep and feeling like a thief in my own house... The thing is that the negative feelings disappear as soon as I have all the layers on...

It has taken me years of practice, and a massive accumulation of parts, but I have made a very heavy suit. Me, in the suit, now comes to over 400 pounds. It is such hard work getting it right, and also hard work wearing it.

It doubles my weight, and yes it is hard work.

Wow! That is amazing! Would you mind telling me how you made the fat suit?... I would really love to have one for myself!

Would you mind posting a story about what you like and why, first?