I can't wait for winter to come because I'm going to dress in my fat suit and rather than stay in my room hiding from my roommates, I'm going to go out. I'll wait until my roommates are gone and then put on my fat suit. layers and layers of clothes and then pillows for extra padding and then topped off with a winter coat, a hat, and scarf. Then I'll drive to a town where I don't know anyone and walk around. People will just see me as an insanely hot fat girl in a winter coat. The way I see myself ;)
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6 Responses Aug 20, 2014

By winter, you might need as much artificial padding if you enjoyed yourself more this fall!

Someday you won't even need the pillows

So how fat do you look in your fat suit?

The colder months are definitely the best ;-)

I'm pretty excited for the winter too, if not only because it's so cozy to be in a fatsuit when it's cold. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to go out in public in suit!

You're already a living fat suit. Just walk around naked Haha.

You said it! Her suit should be called a blimp suit since she's beyond fat wearing it! :)