My Thirst

I am 23 year old boy from India. I have been trying to control myself from drinking blood and eating raw meat. I don't know why but the urge is getting stronger and stronger and i need someone to please help me. In my dreams which i can remember i am always soaked in blood and now even when i am writing about it i am drooling. This urge keeps on getting stronger and now i even think of getting some blood from blood bank. And if by chance i drink my own blood the thirst increase at a rate at which i get urge of killing some one. Please help me this thing is making me mad. One more thing i don't know whether this is relevant or not but i am also getting color blind and i don't have any problem in my eyes. Please help me. Please help me before i get mad.
idsvirdi13 idsvirdi13
22-25, M
Sep 15, 2012