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Her Pee

After a while she wake up she say

"Come here honey ! I have something for you! I am gonna drown you! "

It always excites me! she take me in the bathroom.. I put my mouth under her vagina.. she pee in my mouth and i drink it all... then we had a great sex..  each time before having sex i drink her pee first.. its so exciting her pee.. i love it...

hommax hommax 41-45, M 8 Responses Oct 19, 2009

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I think it's hot, I ask my girl to pee, and as she does, rub it all over her *****, then come straddle my face as I lick and clean her *****. Quite often she makes me tongue her pucker and give her an ****** there first. She loves to make me reach up with my tongue and work to clean her. Sometimes after I fill her ***** with *** she makes me clean her up there too and give her another ****** as she works her shaven ***** all over my face. It's awesome, we both love the experience.<br />
<br />
I haven't had her pee directly into my mouth yet, but I think I'm getting to the point where I'm going to ask her to do it. I always call her Mistress when we are having sex, she really digs it.

A lady friend of mine knew how much I loved drinking her pee. I adored Her.It feels so intimate and sensual and at the same time she is infusing my body with her fluids as fast as I can drink. Sometimes the funnel she used filled up so fast I couldn't drink it all so it ran down my face and hair. Once She asked me to cuddle up on her lap in a blanket like a little baby lying on my back in a fetal position and she gently pushed the nipple of a baby bottle into my mouth. She had just bottled some fresh warm pee that was laced with blood from her period. She nursed me gently cooing to me like a mother with a baby urging me to drink all of mommy's fluids. I did hungarily<br />
<br />
sometimes she would feed me potato chips and I'd get really thirsty and she'd tease me about whether I'd drink her pee under all conditions.<br />
<br />
One day she peed into a chromed dog dish and put it on the floor for me to drink. she had a twinkling dare in her eyes as i obediently crawled over to the dish half full with her warm champagne. SHE looked so beautiful and imperious and powerful as I looked up past her beautiful legs into her eyes. She lit a cigarette (She knew I hated cigarettes) took a few long drags and after a few more drags stubbed it out in the dog dish full of pee. " Well "she said go ahead and] don't spill any on the rug. I was so turned on by her daring and imperious tone to me I did just that, lapping up her warm juices avoiding Her lip stick stained cigarette butt floating in the bowl.<br />
<br />
Finally after almost lapping up the pee in the dish, some of it dribbling down my chin she dangled her used tampon in the rest of the pee like dipping a tea bag in a cup of was the most erotic experience of my life and there was no sex involved at all. To this day when I think of her I imagine that parts of that beautiful creature's waste products have become part of me, and ironically I have thrived from those blessings.There are soooooo few women who have the courage to explore their power and have the intelligence to know how to penetrate a man's armor and reach into his most intimate libido and make him Her slave<br />
<br />
Now I am without her and I'm a very lonely slave shackled by memories of Her still.

I love pee / water sports and drink pee / like to hear from females . <br />
<br />
kisses from maldives

I'm not ************. Am getting pissed on rifgt now. My nest door neigor(We live in a condo building)is pissed off at her husband for getting drunk every night. We started off just fooling around and now its **** time. Pretty soon we will be ******* and sucking.

Oh god, all these stories, I'm sitting here ************.

Drinking pee from a **** is as exciting as from a ***** !

oh you can also like pee on a man's **** and tell him to hump you for better pleasure it's so immense :)

lol i so agree with you sillysenior it's the pleasure of sensation :)