it was 7 am i was in corner mouth wide opened legs wide spread so my **** was exposed and **** held in my hand a human urinal i was when Master got up yawning...looked towards toilet where in corner i was....walked to me ...lowered his pjs ....his huge **** was throbbing when he rubbed a lil to erect it and started peeing in me...i took his warm all night pee .....till he ended and wiped on my **** and hair...then ordered..."Flush you filthy urinal" and i took remaining **** ....
i love drinking it this way
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I put my morning **** in my ***** ***, then I told her go go empty it for me. Then I went back to sleep.

all this time u thot u werent good 4 anything lol...nice 2 finaly discover yr tru purpus in life =)

Hey I would like to be your master when get chance....

I think I'm going to try that!.......mmmmmmmmmmmm

I would love to walk into a washroom and find you in the corner waiting to be used. I love nasty, naughty women.

Does he allow to drink your own **** ?

Very well then ! Go and get a large glass and squat over it. Release your golden nectar into it and drink it. I'm watching and waiting !!

Does your Master allow you to be a toilet ***** at parties ?

Do you swallow their ****, be it Master or Mistress ? Do you lick them clean when they are finished using your mouth ?

Does he let his guests use his toilet ***** as well !?