Why I Like Tea Without Sugar

I open this group because i am just crazy lover to drink tea Always without sugar. 

It may be green, black, gray tea. with lemon :) also without sugar.

my opinion - pure taste of tea is more better, then "sweet water".

Bekther Bekther
22-25, M
7 Responses Apr 15, 2010

thank you for your comment. = ) <br />
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p.s. once i tried tea with milk but, it was not such good one for me.

I am addicted to the stuff : Two bags per cup , well drawn , then topped up with fullcream milk. Without milk the tannin is unbearable. Yes,definitely no sweetener or sugar.

Agree with you :)

I love bitter tea ...

The tea you order outside is so bitter that without a bit of sugar it is unbearably bitter.

you drink tea without sugar only at home? I'm often order various tea, in cafes or some restraunt without sugar too. At home, my favourite ones is herbal teas, gathered from flovers in south of the our country. On taste like a summer... or sunny spring ^^ its give a lot of positive.

Oh I am so there with you on tea.....I am an avid tea drinker ...the kind with no sugar...in my home,,,I've got the tiny rosebud tea (tea from dried rose buds), Blackcurrent tea, strawberry, jasmine as well as various assortment of Chinese Tea.