Do the Right Thing


Personally I love to drink red wine with dinner mainly because my family is French. It’s a custom to have a glass of wine with dinner. For the rest of the alcohol, I am not a fan because I have seen soooo many bad things happen when people drink. They may think they do not change but they do in the worst of ways most of the time.


I had a part-time job working with abused woman in the summer 3 years ago. It was a shelter for woman and I would go in and talk with them. It was so sad because ALL of them had alcoholic husbands. They would say this “he was fine when he was not drinking and treated me very well but as soon as he starts drinking he turns into a monster"

It’s a drug, bottom line; you have to be responsible when using it. Not only for your safety but other to.


Drinking 3 normal size glass is not bad and some alcohol has amazing benefits but if you find yourself not remember what happen (black outs) you maybe or on your way to becoming a alcoholic. This is a very scary and dangerous disease which I would not wish upon anyone.

erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
Aug 6, 2007