Bare Footin It

I'm barefoot all the time, so it makes sense that I also drive barefoot. Its nice not having to put shoes on to go somewhere. I like driving that way because I feel I have better control over the car, I can sense how much pressure to apply to the peddles which makes for smoother  start & stops. I read somewhere it also helps with gas mileage too. And best of all its not ILLEGAL, that's just a myth.
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4 Responses Aug 2, 2011

Do you ever experience "frisky" driving behaviors, such as speeding, burnouts, or any kind of aggressive behavior?

Sometimes I will catch my self going 10 mph over the limit, but that's easy to do in the car I have. No tickets yet. But I don't drive aggressively or do burnouts. Tires cost too much, haha.

I always drive barefoot too, and for this reason I tend to buy shoes I can kick off easily. I feel like I have much more control of the pressure on the gas pedal and brakes, and being a woman driving in heels is really difficult.<br />
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I also tend to be barefoot if I can always. :)

A friend of mine saw me driving barefoot and couldn't believe I was doing it. She said, "It's so dangerous! It should be against the law!" I made the same points to her that you did and told her I had been doing for over a year with no problems. I probably didn't convert her, but she at least acted like she respected my position.

That's great to hear, thanks.

I too have the same sotuazione happened. Some of my friends saw me driving barefoot asked me if I was really comfortable to drive in this way. I of course I said yes. Everyone must be free already considers how best to drive. I am now, I can hardly drive at your shoes, I lack the right feeling on the pedals.

I also read somewhere that driving barefoot, you save on fuel. In fact, many riders who made the economy run races, driving barefoot. Even in Italy, as in Europe it is legal to drive barefoot. I myself, for many years only to drive barefoot. All year round.