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I've been barefoot most of my life. Ever since I was 12 I drove vehicles bare foot. It started with my dads tractor and then my first truck. I attended school barefoot so I drove barefoot to school and every wear else. I always leave the house without shoes and I do my shopping barefoot and I go to work barefoot. I like the felling of barefoot driving even though its illegal in Alabama where I live
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Truly it is illegal to drive barefoot in Alabama? I did not know this. I live in Italy and to me it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. I started to drive barefoot just taking a driver's license. I have always driven car manuals, and for me it is important to feel the pedals of the car perfectly barefoot.

wonderful to hear that.

I enjoy driving barefoot. When you drive without shoes on, you can easily control the car, especially how fast you are going.

I'm barefoot as much as possible as well. I own a business, have 10 employees and I'm barefoot all day long. My personal assistant is the only one else that is allowed to go barefoot. There are weeks that I don't wear shoes at all. I cannot drive with shoes on. However, in my area, I've been refused service because I'm barefoot. It's amazing how the world has changed.

I drive barefoot as much as I can. Especially on long trips. By the way shoes suck for most all applications!