It Just Feels Like You're Almost Part of the Car

Most of the time I drive barefoot is after working and being in shoes for 7 or 8 hours, I just don't want anything on my feet.  Especially when I've been standing or running around like a head without a chicken all day.... This past week, I even left my house at night without shoes and didn't even realize I was barefoot until I was 2 miles down the road (luckily I was just going to Eric's house)
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4 Responses May 14, 2007

I drive barefoot, almost all year round, even in winter. Now I am used to feel the pedals under the soles of her bare feet, and when that few bolte are obliged to drive with my shoes, I can not ride in a satisfactory manner. So in these situations, I take off my shoes and I drive in socks (very good feeling as well).

i' m a dentist and most of the times i don' t sit. as soon as i go to my car to drive home, i remove my shoes, mules or whatever i have, and then turn the key.

no need to struggle with shoes, just keep a pair of fllip flops or mules with you on car, beside your feet and enjoy the pedals under your feet ...

I'ts barefoot or bust with me because ever since the first time that I drove barefoot,I've been hooked. Some cars have tiny little foot-cramping pedals, but I still go barefoot anyway.