I hate shoes if i could i would never wear them. Driving barefoot is something i really enjoy!

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i don' t hate shoes but i love to drive barefoot. my feet enjoy freedom.

I love being barefoot all the time and driving is just another part of it.

Seriously I love being barefoot .

Yes I have :)

it' s really wonderful to see, there are barefoot driving girls and women around. have you ever floored the pedal barefoot and felt the engine under foot ?

I love the feeling of the gas pedal under my barefoot.I started driving barefoot when I was 15.I was curious about what driving with my shoe off felt like,so I took my shoe off and it was sensational.

Like you need me to give you ideas. <br />
On the other hand I do have pleny of Ideas, and I'm happy to share.

Sure give me more ideas , like troble isn't already my middle name!

ROFLMAO!!! Try driving my way. You could say good bye to tickets forever.

No but i do manage to worm my way out of tickets and i am mean to them

Yeah, and speeding too. But that doesn't keep me under 65 mph.

I think they have laws about nude driving! :)

I like going barefoot all the way from toe to head.

I love the idea .

If you live in or go to Hawaii you can go without shoes all the time.