I cannot explain it, but if it is anything over a short 20 minute trip or so, I just feel compelled to go barefoot. Most of the time I wear these clogs which have a rubber sole, and a leather upper and I can slip them off with ease. So while driving for any length of time, I kick them off, reach down and tug my socks off, and drive barefoot.

I love it.

I really do think I can drive more safely this way as my feet are very responsive to touch and feel, such as the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal. I have never been stopped by the police while barefoot as I live in a very rural setting and very rarely see them, much less drive in a way to be stopped. Even then I am not sure that it would be an issue.

Because I live on a farm, I drive tractors barefoot all the time, having the same compelling feeling, but in these big monsters, I might spend all day in the cab if it is planting or harvest season and actually wrote a story about those adventures on experience project; not sure how to link from here to it, but if you search around you will see that on the farm, I am known for being barefoot while operating equipment...and yes a few of the farmhands seem to love a lady barefoot.

If my husband and I are going on a date, he typically drives which means my shoes are most assuredly coming off. I wear heels, mini-skirts and stockings for his pleasure on these dates, and one thing he loves is for me to kick off my heels and rest my feet up on the dash. From the looks of truckers and other drivers we speed past, other guys like this look as well. I try to always have my toe nail polish being the same color as whatever I am wearing, so that means daily touch-ups and nail polish on my toes that is always vibrant. My husband loves that about me too. Sometimes; and while I know it is not exactly safe, I do turn in the car and lay sideways in the passengers seat and rest my bare feet, or stocking feet, in his lap and just toy with him. That always gets a reaction and a mini-foot rub for me.

So yes, from driving cars, to driving tractors on the farm, to just riding in the car; my shoes were just meant to be off.

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From your experiences and preferences, reinforced by this desire I would imagine you would be a fantastic candidate to be found driving nude someday. It simply seems a normal progression, and a sexy direction for you.

I am not sure what it is about Experience Project, but somehow it seems to bring out the truth and the sluttier side of me as well, because I actually have driven around while nude. It was only once granted, but a few months ago while out on a date with my husband, I was wearing his favorite “little red dress”. There really is not a whole lot to this mini-dress; made of Lycra and that sort of material, it stops at the half way point on my thighs, dips low on my chest, and is very tight. In fact so tight that I must wear a special bra and I cannot wear panties at all because the lines telegraph right through it…that is how tight this dress is. And other then a pair of black high heels, that was all I was wearing.

On this day we were headed to a nice restaurant about an hour north of us. On the way up, my husband revealed that he had put my favorite vibrator in the glove box of the car while I was getting ready, so there was already an added element of fun to the trip. Just getting there I had two powerful *******. That was pleasurable, along with a nice romantic meal with my husband, but the real fun started on the return trip.

By this point the sun had set and it was getting dark and we had taken the longer way back home. My shoes were already off since he prefers me barefoot in the car anyway, but then he started tugging on my dress, pushing it down my torso so that I would be topless for him. I made it seem as if I objected, but secretly I was turned on by the thought, and soon was baring the top of my chest. Then as the miles went by, he started to tug the dress down my hips. I resisted a bit more, but even then I enjoy pleasing my husband and trust his sense of sexual fun, was soon completely naked for him.

I was thoroughly turned on at this point. It felt so exposed and vulnerable, yet I loved it. I did take my dress and cover up the front of me whenever we hit some of the more lit up villages we passed through; that was until my husband grabbed my dress and threw it into the back seat…no more covering up no matter how big of a city we went through. Now granted I could have leaned back and got it, but I did not want to disappoint my husband, and honestly it made a great excuse to nude.

As for my silicone friend that had been employed twice on the way to the restaurant; that was used even more on the way home. I had to use it, as it was to hard for my husband to toy with me and yet still drive, but he kept his hands wondering over me so I felt his loving touch and got off several more times from what we were doing. In total I think it was five times that I got off on the way home, me removing it from my sex as I came down off my sexual high, only to have my husband urge me to put it back after only a few more miles of driving.

The fun suddenly came to an end when we approached a Tee-Intersection. As my husband started to pull out he saw a car approaching at the last second. He slammed on the brakes and stopped, only to see the guy was turning. Then he started out again before realizing there was a car approaching from the other way now. Slamming on his brakes again we safely stop, but watch as a State Police Trooper passes before us. Having nearly pulled out twice, and being late on a Saturday Night, we expected to be pulled over to at least check to see if we had been drinking. Neither my husband nor I drink, but still, it would have been hard to explain why I was naked in the front seat of my car to a State Trooper.

I have had a young sexy lady like you naked with me on a drive. It's hot ( as is she) and hard to keep from being too distracted. Read one of my stories. I like your style, as you may have noticed.

Do you consider yourself to have sexy feet and if so, have you thought about modeling them?

I am not sure.

My husband likes my feet, but then again he is the first man I have ever been with that had a barefoot fetish, so it is hard to say, and he is biased obviously. I will say that I have noticed other men who seem to like me barefoot, like the guys at the truck stop where I went barefoot as a waitress for a short spell, and in other locations like on the beach, while driving down the road with my bare feet on the dash...that sort of thing.

But the question was "Do I consider myself to have sexy feet", and I guess like a lot of women with self-conscious issues, I would say probably not. My feet are not overly ugly, nor deformed, but to me they are just feet. What I am realizing though is that they are not "just feet" to men who are into bare feet.

There are times I go barefoot for my own desires, like hiking out in the woods, or not having my shoes or socks on while at home or driving in the car. But the majority of the time, I am barefoot because my husband likes me to be barefoot. I also like to be barefoot because other men like a barefoot woman, such as at the truck stop. To put it simply, I like to please men, and if all I have to do is take off my shoes and socks to do so, I am glad to do it. Whether or not my feet are sexy is really up to them to determine.

I do a few things to increase their sexual appeal I guess. I am almost always wearing a gold ankle bracelet on my left ankle, and two toe rings encircle my middle toes. And despite being busy, my toe nail polish always matches the color of my shirt, which means I redo the polish almost daily. Another thing I do is maintain smooth feet. Being a farmer, we have tubs of Bag Balm here which are used on livestock to reduce chapped skin, well it works on feet too. Despite having a wood stove here which dries my skin...and yes walking around barefoot amplifies that, I combat dry feet and the roughness that comes from that, by putting bag balm on my feet occasionally. This means I have super soft skin on my feet with no callouses or rough spots. I think this makes them more sexually appealing, but model worthy...I am not so sure.

It took me awhile to understand why my husband liked me barefoot, and I guess, if I dare admit it, other woman before me. What is it about a woman being barefoot that turns a man on? They are just feet after all, but after I grew to understand it, I am more than happy to go barefoot for him, and if other men like a barefoot woman, and see me barefoot and enjoy it, so much the better. I also know my husband loves it when other men look at me, so I know it is not upsetting to him. That is why I go barefoot while I am in the car, putting them up on the dash for his benefit, or for any guy who passes by and likes that look. Or being at a restaurant, and sliding off my shoes under the table. Or being anywhere really where I can remove my shoes and go barefoot. That is why I put on toe nail polish, wear an ankle bracelet and have toe guys can see them and enjoy the embellished look.

I am sure there are many factors as to why men like a lady barefoot, which may stem from the fact that we are more vulnerable, or the fact that we have taken something off which of course implies we are willing to take more off, or maybe there is something engrained about the notion of "barefoot and pregnant", which of course requires sex to accomplish.

Myself, I think it might be because bare feet accentuate our curves, which is after all what we have over men. Curves!!

I mean when I think of my husband, I think of his defined muscles, all stemming from work as a logger, shipbuilder and of course as a farmer. They are so well defined and it is a turn on for me. But little ole me? As a woman, I have curves, and I think considering the size of the area, my feet are the most curvacious per square inch.

Sure I can accentuate the curves of my arches with a pair of fashionable shaped high heels on the insides of a pair of pumps, or show off a little toe cleavage with a deeply scolloped low cut toe, or add a pair of platform heels to my outfit to add a little more curvature to the soles of my feet, but nothing allows all the curves to be seen at once like removing my shoes and going barefoot completely!

My toes gently round in the front, forming 10 perfectly curved toes, that rise up over the front of my foot towards my ankles, or curve over my deep arches then around the back of my heel; all back to back curves that arch and flex with my movements like dipping my heels while at a restaurant, or doing shoeplay at a hockey game; it is appealing because it accentuates my curves.

I really think that is the appeal for men, but whatever it is, I am happy to go barefoot for them. I mean it is harmless fun, and kind of why I wear the ankle bracelet and the toe rings, it is my way of saying it is okay to look. I would not have put them on if I did not want you to look.

That is interesting NudyDude.

I think for my husband, being barefoot may bring back that same teenage innocence, but interestingly enough, I KNOW it bring backs sweet memories of youth when I wear my shoes! Okay, not just any shoes, my Keds!

For those that do not know, Keds are light canvas sneakers that were popular in the 1990's. They have thin soles and really are no more then slippers, and come in a host of colors and styles. Anyway, the 1990's...that was my era, and because my husband is a little bit older than me, the dusk of his era as well. Think of the show "Saved by the Bell" and the character Kelly Koposki, the blond Cheerleader on that show played by Tiffany Amber Thieseen. That is who my husband adored, and I think that is why he loves me wearing those shoes. It reminds him of that sweet time when he just got out of high school. You must remember though, that being raised on a farm, he was sort of robbed of his childhood, but just after 1992 when he graduated...that was when he finally had a little freedom, and why I think he likes me in those shoes.

But don't get me wrong; he loves me barefoot too, and occasionally in a pair of heels, but I think you are right NudyDude, there is a connection between fetishes like bare feet and shoes to the days of youth.

I see. Very informative feet girl lol...
Are your feet veiny? That in itself is a turn on and makes them more seductive, especially with your smooth skin.

Nice. Does it make you feel submissive to be barefoot? My wife says it does for her.

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awesome story, keep on barefoot ...