I'm Short.

I wear heels almost everywhere I go except the gym or stuff like that, cuz I hate feeling short, but I don't like driving with them on. My friends tease me about driving barefoot, but it just feels so much safer and more comfortable than trying to manage the pedals in 3-inch+ heels. Especially heels with no backs that just slip of if I press my foot down wrong, and I'm always worried about one of my heels coming off and getting stuck under the brake pedal, so I just drive barefoot. No safety problems then :)

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exactly. barefoot driving is much safer. besides, you control your car better.

barefoot driving is not dangerous as long as you put your shoes or mules or whatever you have to enough distance from the pedals, no need to worry about it ...

they can't really enforce it without having some more important reason to pull you over. It's kinda like the open bottle law. If the cop doesn't see it, he can't pull you over for it. But if he pulls you over for speeding or because your tail light's out or whatever, then he can write you a ticket for the bottle (or barefootness) too if he sees it.

lol I don't. I'm paranoid about the possibility of one of my shoes getting stuck under the brake pedal. That's a safety concern, because a lot of the heels I wear are mules or pumps or whatever that come off easily. The only heels I'll drive in are either boots or heels with an ankle strap so they won't just come off. I know it's a kinda irrational fear, that one of my shoes will get stuck under the brake and get me in an accident, but I always put them in the passenger seat (or back seat if someone's riding shotgun). I've been pulled over twice for speeding since I started driving....5? 6? years ago, and haven't had to get out of the car, so I've never had a problem with the police about shoes. lol