Drive Barefoot

I think I learnt to drive a car barefoot- because I was wearing inappropriate footwear, I'd just take them off. Although they do say it's not safe to drive barefoot, I think it is MUCH safer. It sure feels safer than shoes. When you wear shoes you lose the feeling, your foot could be anywhere.I like the feeling of my toes on the pedals

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yes, that' s true. driving barefoot is much safer. no need to worry about slipping your shoes from pedals. besides, you feel pedals better.

I love driving barefoot. After my yoga class, I leave my shoes in my car's trunk and I have a relaxing drive with only my barefeet. You get the feel of the car and I think you can control how fast you are going. I've driven barefoot so many times that I've learned to press the gas pedal and the brake with just one toe.

Awww~ I LOVE driving bare foot!! It feels like I have much more contact with my car. I wouldn't drive any other way. I love slip on shoes because they are so easy to put back on when I get out of my car :D.

mediocre, if your car has a floor mounted gas pedal, it' s really much easier to drive barefoot. besides, i think just like you, driving barefoot is not more dangerous than with shoes on ...

It is definitely different. I like to wear shoes specifically so my feet don't hurt. But if you want to, that's cool :)

Yes, it's not bad in the city, but it gets painful after a while. Those roadtrips hurt.

Haha wow, now I think that would be dangerous to drive barefoot with a pedal that size!!!

The gas pedal in my car is like the size of my thumb. One time I drove nine hours straight without my shoes, and my foot had a cramp. I still drive barefoot anyway. I think it ought to be mandatory that people drive barefoot all the time.

Normal, not too small.

Are the pedals in your car, big or small Mediocre?

(Slams foot down on pedal) "Ow!"... (Later) "I gotta a FOOTCRAMP! What do I do??"