Where to Next?

 Now and again, when things get too much and I need a break, I like to drop out of sight, usually at night. I like to go into the mountains. I have some favorite secret locations I like to stay in. One is a cave.

Other times when I need a big change, I take my passport and just leave the country. I go places and become anyone I want. I am very independent and I like my own company. I speak several languages, I'm a freelancer so I can work when I want to, I know how to take care of myself (I like knives) and I'm single. So if what I'm doing begins to get me down, I  just pick up my small bag, (which I always keep packed ) and disappear, sometimes for weeks , sometimes for months.

A few times, I've just left everything behind and moved to another country. My family accepts this. I contact them when I feel like it. The one time they complained, I disappeared for a couple of years so now they don't ask me any questions when and if I go back home. I'm loyal to the few good friends I trust, though, and they are used to my travels. They greet me like I haven't been away when they see me.

The longest I have lived anywhere is 3 years. The place where I am now I have been in for 8 months.

I've travelled and lived all over Asia and spent some months in North Africa, Europe and America but there are many places I haven't seen yet so who knows where is next?









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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

That's amazing, you have the spirit of a wanderer.

Xiaogirl if your cave is anything like the one in Dube's youtube clip, we're movin' in. <br><br />

Cool or what? <br />
Take me with you. I'll be your bag wallah.

Wow - fantastic! I wish I could do this!! :)