Hot Spicy Grilled Chickens.

I like to eat hot spicy grilled chicken and hot french fries and tomato and cucumber salad.

I love spicy food and if my mother cooks anything that doesn't consist spices I always add hot red pepper to my food.
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 3, 2011

Unlike me! I cannot take spicy food !

Why???What is it that you don't like about spicy food??

I can't take it!
I wasn't raised with spicy food and food I used to each was never spicy therefore it's difficult for me to eat spicy food ! I don't like spicy food -_-

Grill chicken is delicious especially with mayo, pepper jack cheese, olives, olive oil, and tomatoes. Mmmm. =)

Yes and healthy too :)

I love spice