Grilled Hot Potatoes In The Stove.

I have a delicious healthy and easy recipe for those who can't cook!!

Peel some potatoes then wash them well and put them in the stove to be grilled.

Leave them there until the potatoes get a crispy hard layer from the outside.

If you want to know if the potatoes have been backed well take a knife and pink LOL I mean put the knife into the potato to see if it has been cooked well.

you can serve it with cheese,hot spices and any kind of vegetable as well as ketchup.
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 3, 2011

I love ur username im into vamps to my house is full of that kinda stuff. id love to chat with u and I love o eat myself I love junk food as u can tell lol

Yes very obvious LOL Take care of your health please :)

I am lol but I do love my sweets and hate exercise lol