My First Time

I was at University practicing Korean in the language lab, and as I finished and headed up the stairwell a man started chasing me. He called out and I stopped. He asked if I had been speaking in Korean. I said yes, and he mentioned that he was studying English and that it would be great if we could study together.

It sounded reasonable, so to get to know each other he invited me out for "Korean Food". I had no idea what that really entailed but I was curious.

On the way to the restaurant, we ran into some of his female friends on the street. They decided to join us, so there were 6 of us now headed to enjoy Korean culinary bliss.

My first meal was mandoo, ddokboki, kimchi, and kimbab - snack like food, but wow was it ever delicious (and SPICY).

I have been hooked ever since.
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3 Responses Oct 7, 2006

Try the Ja-Jang-Myun and Chop-chae, both noodle dishes. Both very yummy.

I wanna try, too. Since am a bit obssessed with korean films...I certainly wanna try their food. =D