I Ate My Own ***

One time I was camming with a girl on ym when she askec if she could see me naked, I agreed of course and ******** naked. Then she asked could I do t6hings with my penis like have sex with a shoe, squeeze it in a bottlle, whip it with a belt etc. which I did and relly enjoyed her watching. She then got me to pull myself untill I came which was great but I had *** all over my hands, I was going to clean it up with some tissues when she asked would I eat it. I had never tried before so I like poured what was in my hand into my mouth and ate it. I liked it so I licked all my hand and fingers clean while she watched it was great, wish I could find more people to watch me do it.
jackmiggs jackmiggs
51-55, M
May 8, 2012