Feeding Myself

I started *********** at the age of 12 and quickly learned that the messy cleanup was a necessary part of the fun. I would use a t-shirt from the dirty clothes hamper to wipe it up -- until my mother discovered the hardened stains and investigated. I was mortified! I'm a fast learner, and swiftly switched gears using tissue or toilet paper because I could easily flush away the evidence. .

Then, I figured out that the easiest of all clean up was the shower itself. By 14, I was taking at least 3 'long showers' per day.

I don't remember the exact circumstances that led to my first 'taste test'. But I vividly remember that it started with my per-*********. I had locked myself in the bathroom and started playing with myself while the shower warmed up. Thanks to multiple interruptions, I had been stroking my **** for over twenty minutes. I was about to step into the shower, when I noticed a clear bead forming at the tip of my penis.

I touched it cautiously with my index finger, watching it create a thin and glistening line that strung between my penis and finger as I pulled away. It snapped into a tear drop on my finger. Intrigued, I spread it over my lower lip and hesitantly licked. I was surprised by its sweetness. I touched it again; this time letting it dangle from my finger as it touched it my tongue. I then spread it gently from the tip of my penis to the super sensitive underside of the head -- using it like lube, swirling it in small fast circles. It wasn't long before I **********!

But instead of wiping it off with toilet paper like I had hundreds of times before, I collected it like cake batter from a mixing bowl and licked it off my fingers! I don't remember being disgusted in any way by the taste of my own *****; quite the contrary. It was insanely hot. I had discovered a new 'clean up' method and spent the next few years beating off and devouring the evidence at least half of the time.

As a college freshman I was exposed to the term auto-******** (a.k.a. self-suck). Before that moment, it had never dawned on me to ********* into my own mouth. A few failed attempts made it obvious clear that my lips weren't going to touch, let alone wrap around the head of my penis without a long term commitment to a yoga practice. However, it was during one of these failed attempts that I unintentionally ********** into my own mouth.

I was alone in my dorm room during finals, lying on my back with my head against the wall and my heels in the air. The idea was to 'walk' down the wall until my penis was in my mouth. I wasn't limber enough. So close, yet so far away; abut an inch away to be exact. I was so turned on that I decided to remain in the position, hopping to warm up and stretch the rest of the way. I started ******* off. As I got closer to ***********, I tried again to close the gap... but couldn't. There was no time for disappointment though. I started to reach the point of no return and realized there wasn't enough time left to safely dismount from my awkward position.

As I orgasmed, the first stream of **** burst from the head of my my penis into my open mouth. It was one of the most insanely erotic things I had ever experienced! I watched in delight as the few spasms that followed shot my ***** into my waiting mouth. I remember squeezing every last drop out of my penis and swallowing before I stood up.

It was amazing! Over the years that followed I would occasionally put on a 'show' for a girlfriend I was dating at the time as a form of foreplay. Even after I was married, I continued to eat my own *** in live webcam chats with my wife's blessing.

Over thirty years after tasting that first drop of my per-*********, I still engage in a self-feeding session at least thirty percent of the time when I **********.

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Me too. There is something, I don't know, highly erotic about it.