I Feel Kinda Dumb

Am I the only one who likes Ramen Noodlez on this website? I must be... Imma ramen addict. Imma ramen loser. I looooooooooooove ramen noodlez.

littlesis littlesis
18-21, F
3 Responses May 11, 2007

OMFG finally a place where I fit in! I bet all of you can name at least 6 ways to eat a single package of ramen.

ramen is super yummy.<br />
<br />
and when i'm super lazy, i just eat it raw. <br />
haha. :)

I like to add a little bit of beef seasoning, seasonall salt, and I like to chop up vegetables and put them into the soup. I've loved them since I was like born... lol