My Love For Noodles

My country is a rice eating country, not so much for noodles. We eat rice for lunch and dinner, thats how people are here. But then my love for noodles started when i lived in Korea for a year. I love this brown noodles called Jajang there, i eat it everyday for breakfast until my pasta in my front teeth has stained, LOL!

Then i also have the opportunity to visit Hong Kong and China. China is very noodle like country, but mostly are too spicy. My net friend from Singapore sent me package before of noodle but it was too spicy. But i felt that time, the spicier the more appetitie u have. i dont have GERD that time yet. I felt that i can still live everyday if the only food to eat is noodles, as long as i can taste all the kinds of noodle in the passionate to try all kinds of food in different countries, and much better if i get expose to the noodles their country has to offer :P 


give me give me.....

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i love italian food as well, and the spaghetti are so yummy! the one u mentioned about rice noodles with coconut milk and garam masala is interesting, never heard about it before but would like to try if there is an opportunity.<br />
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thanks for commenting on my story :D

I have always loved pasta. I was raised by my Italian grandparents. As a teenager I fell in love with Chinese food, especially lo mein noodles. Now I love Thai food and of course all their kinds of noodles. At home I cook rice noodles with all kinds of spices but usually coconut milk and garam masala. I'd love to just eat noodles from around the world, eating the noodles of each place I stop as I travel.