Mmmm Ramen

ok. so i like it authentic
Get your water, bring to boil, throw in some frozen mixed "asian' veggies, some fresh celery and fresh zuccinni chopped, some garlic and ginger. Let veggies cook. Add 2 tablespoons of the following, soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar. Add your noodles and flavor packet. One minute in, turn temp way down until there is a very light boil. Move noodles to one side and crack in one egg, on the other side do the same thing. Let the eggs poach for 3-5 minutes and viola! you have an awsome some for dinner.
*you can add some shredded meat if you like, smoked turkey has been pretty good
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Love it!

**drool**<br />
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Any ideas for replacing the flavour packet?

Wow! You have turned ramen into an art!