Beautiful Surrender

Sometimes the world can be such a harsh place. Every direction you turn there is something negative being forced upon you. The news is telling you of murders, molestation, wars, animals being neglected, babies being left in dumpsters, floods wiping out whole find out terrible family secrets, which in turn force you to have a secret in which you had no choice....some people betray you no matter how kind you are or how much you go out of your way to please're struggling to be the best person you can be, but there's always something setting you back and disappointing you in yourself....But, such is life.

It always helps to escape reality and just admire the world from a different perspective. Sometimes I love to just go out into the woods and admire each little thing for it's natural wonders. The trees, rocks, plants, animals....I especially love to admire the sun streaming through the treetops. It's like a waterfall of a light...One of my top favorite places to go is the creek out behind my parents' house. There is this huge rock that juts out of the water. It's the perfect place to soak up the sun, read a good book, admire the stars dancing on the water...and my favorite thing of all is the sound of the water trickling through the rocks. That is my favorite sound in the whole world. I suppose it's because I grew up next to that's like the sound of a mother singing her baby to familiar and soothing...nostalgic...A lot of the time I will escape into my music...I can sing along and it's like nothing in the world matters...however, when I'm out with nature I don't really need the music or anything. Nature plays it's own songs for me:)

On days when it's raining or I just can't make it out to the woods, I love to curl up with a good book. There's nothing like escaping and exploring the markets of India, volunteer work in Africa, a magical world in which you have to walk through the flames to enter world of adventure and music, finding the love of your life when hired on as a governess, kissing in the rain, making love on an old dirt path with a really, really hot cowboy, flying on a dragon, discovering a world of magic and being a hero, escaping through Atlanta as Sherman's men are getting closer and closer......I love else can you explore any country whenever you want, meet any type of person at any time and learn so many lessons from them? It's an amazing escape...and often inspiring.

No matter how much we try to escape, we do have to come back to the real world sooner or later. It does no good to overlook the reality of the world, but we do need to stop and smell the roses sometimes. It's during these brief escapes that we sometimes get our best ideas as to how to make our realities worth coming back to.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Exactly! I'm the same way. I might meet someone if I knew them over 3 years:P haha. And then it would still depend on a lot!

I agree with you. It's mind boggling! I wish I had as much time as I used to so I could build more friendships on here.

^_^ I like you! lol. You're just full of nice little things to say! You make me smile.