Hiking Naked At The City Park

This park is the largest city park, I hear.  You can easily be alone in this group of 
"mountains" at the S. end of Central Avenue in Phoenix, AZ.  Trails are public, so
you need to choose your spot with some care.  

I hiked along the ridge near the TV towers, part of National Trail that goes I think
7 miles.  Right near the towers, the trail winds around the peak, so you can't see
who is coming round the bend.  You have to be alert, ready to put the shorts on
again.  Best to have shorts that pull on easily over hiking boots (practice at home).
Weekday mornings are best, and on Summer days 6-8am is the only "cool" time.  
You don't need suncream yet.  Views from this ridge are spectacular--360
degrees panorama of city, valley, local hills and distant features.  

The best part is sun and breeze on my whole body, freedom from tight crotch
discomfort, which men find so amazing to be without for a while.  

sun1ight sun1ight
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

It sounds like a great place except for the problem with clothed people. I enjoy this too, but the locations are much more limited since they are private venues.