Love to exercise in the pool, you are weightless and can do moves you would never be able to do other wise, I have arthritis in my knee and lower back and I'm pain free in the pool, so I'm able to be much more flexible. And lets face it working out for an hour or even longer and not breaking a sweat, whats not to love. Have over done it a few times and really felt it later, but it is so exhilarating, and to get in the pool just before you turn in have a short work out.... sleep like a baby
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Thought sooooo... But yes I suppose both are good for arthritis... One for the pain the other to limber up. It's so much better when you stay active, isn't it? When I get up it takes a good 20 minutes to get everything moving properly, my husband and I use to laugh at each other. I also take allot of vitamins and of course Glucosamine and chondroitin is part of my diet...

Grams, your arthritis can't be too bad if you lift weights. I'd love to have you for a workout partner. <br />
<br />
Since you asked, I've heard that sex is very good for arthritis. Also aspirin. But you already knew that.

akindman, yes I do work out with weights, I have a room down stairs with a small gym. Do I dare ask your remedy for arthritis... Hummm... OK, I'm curious, What is it that helps arthritis.

Ohh. Working out that bronze body in the pool. I need a workout buddy. Do you do any weight-lifting to supplement your pool work? By the way, I know something else that is good for arthritis.

Thanks to you both, Moxie, I love the thought of putting a smile on your face, as for the picture I think you saw the metamorphis in progress, thanks

Seeing your picture put a smile on my face - the first one of the day. I've been offered a spa and may take them up on it! It is exactly what I need for poolersize. I'm so glad you wrote this for me to read today. Moxie