In the Buff

Since I usually do my exercise in my room (live with family), I have the opportunity to exercise nude.

I just feels...natural...

I love feeling the cool air on my body as a I work up a sweat.


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14 Responses Mar 28, 2009

My first girlfriend introduced me to the joy of taichi and tae bo in the buff. Like I love the feeling of cool air on my body after I work up a sweat

I presume you are able to lock your door to ensure privacy.

I have always wanted to have a shared nude exercise session with a female. Not to have sex necessarily, but just to liven it up and have a different kind of workout. The idea of seeing a female moving around, doing all her various exercises in the buff would be incredibly interesting. Gee, I wonder if we might just happen to be close to each other? Wouldn't that be fun, a chance to "share the experience."

Yes nude exercise is good how many people live at home

I enjoy exercising in the nude also it is the best way to workout. When I can I am outside in my backyard in the fresh air and sunshine.

I am with you. I enjoy working out nude

Nude exercise is really exciting and relaxing at the same time.

Always exercise in the nude at home. Do not want any clothes rubbing or confining me.

Would love to join you excercising some time

it´s great - very liberating - especially if you can do it outside!

After the kids leave for school, I ***** and go for a run on the treadmill. Nude exercise is less contricting and cooler. You are welcomed to join me for a run anytime.

Sure is a lot better than exercising clothed, working up a sweat just to have all that cloth sticking to you.

Exercise and nudity have gone together since days of antiquity. Hipocrates (the father of modern medicine) said that a person should walk naked every day. The ancient Greeks had the word gymnos which means naked, its where we get the word gymnasium and gymnastics from. Like satman restrictive clothing. I also think it would allow the skin to breathe alot better, and persperation to evaporate alot better too.

sounds good to me , no restrictive clothing