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Nude Beach Massage

If you’ve ever been to Spain and visited the clothing optional beaches one of the interesting features are the massage-guys.


One day my gorgeous petite wife and I decided to spend the day at a nude beach. We prepared a day’s supplies of water, sun tan lotion and well…. I guess that was all.  We didn’t need to bring clothing other then what we wearing because the idea was to be nude all day on a clothing optional beach.


You see, my wife loves to be nude, even better if she can exhibit her flawless, hairless, hard body in front as many people as possible. Clothing optional beaches are her favorite, because she especially likes it when she is naked among clothed people, it gives her a bigger thrill if she is the only one nude. The attention – which she pretends to ignore – makes her areolae puff-up almost burying her erect nipples, and her bare, smooth, labia, inflated outward and upward, almost as noticeable as a man with an erection. They look like vertical puckered mouth lips.


My wife is well aware of how she looks naked and loves to show people what she looks like without clothes. She is a perfect 5’2”, 105lb, exotic looking, and much younger looking woman. People will often guess her age as a teenager. According to her, the least amount of clothing is the best amount of clothing. A crowded clothing-optional beach is her perfect paradise.


On this day, my wife wore only a sundress and sandals, that’s it, something I would say to her as “just wearing two things?”. She would reply, “yep just two things, dress and shoes”.  That would make me hard right then.  We didn’t bring a bathing suit, under wear or another change of clothes, she was going to have to wear what she wore or nothing else.


We took a boat taxi to island and it dropped us in the middle of the beach. It was already full, every umbrella and lounger was occupied. Mostly it was clothed people and the odd topless woman. The nudie section was down the beach, to our left.


We started to walk down the beach to the left, the area that didn’t have loungers and umbrellas. My wife is a slow walker, so I usually take 3 steps to her 2. Eventually I got several steps ahead of her. When I paused and turned around to let her catch up, she had already removed her sundress and walked totally nude and carefree among the mostly clothed people. Carefully as she walked with her dress in hand I watched her nude, smooth, body slink its way up to me. Not just up to me but also about 200 people whom also watched her nakedness walk along the water.

When she reached me she handed me her dress, as I put into the backpack, she was bending over and taking off her sandals. When she took them off her bended over bum was giving a deliberate view of her full bum, I mean all the bum, if I could see what the rest of the people saw they would’ve saw her perfect puckered, soft, bum hole.


After taking her time un-buckling her sandals she handed them to me too, to put into the backpack.  We continued to walk along the beach; I was dressed, and carrying a backpack, her without a stitch or hair to cover her tight petite body, displayed in front of hundreds of people. We continued to walk and got to the area where most of the nude people were. I took up a spot that was not so crowded and started to set up camp. I looked to see where my wife was and because she wasn’t wearing even sandals now, it caused her to walk even slower, I saw her in the middle of all the loungers as if she was lost. It took her a good five minutes to finally reach my ‘base camp’.


We settled onto our towels, rubbed on sun-screen and started to relax. I was checking the people out and even more, checking people out as they checked out my wife’s nude body and puffy, shining labia. My wife was out, napping like she was in her own bed, naturally I start to get an erection. It was not that big a deal, I just laid on my back and my erection fell on my belly. It looked pretty much the same as if it were soft and laying upward, so I didn’t get self-conscious. The only difference is that my **** is poking my belly button and fatter.


Within ten minutes a single older gentleman took a spot a few meters behind us. My wife just looked at him and smiled. I remember thinking that it was no big deal, since he would only be looking at the top of my wife’s head.


About an hour passed and a guy set-up shop, selling pastries, and my wife woke and wanted to buy us two. I gave her some francs from the backpack and she walked over to the makeshift shop to make her purchase, wearing nothing but baby oil. I watched her shiny bare bum as she walked 100 meters to stand in line with clothed people waiting to buy a donut.  I could not believe how totally nude she really looked until I saw her standing line with other clothed people.


When she returned she sat with her back facing the water and now her waxed, baby-oiled ***** facing the older gentleman. We ate our donuts with me facing the water and she facing the man. Then we settled back on our backs, but now the guy could see directly between my wife’s legs. I turned around to look every now and then only to find him gazed at her beautiful puffy slit. At one point when I turned and looked I saw him hiding a camera. He had lied on his belly and faced forward. I said to my wife, “that guy has a camera on you”. She said, “so what, so he’ll go home and ********** to the pictures.”


My wife raised her head and looked into the camera and smiled and lied back down. I then saw her spread her legs a bit more and bend one knee, as if to give him several angles of her hairless ***** slit for his video and even showed some angles that would display her normally hidden inner labia. I was like, okay if it didn’t bother her then fine.


The massage


On this beach, like many others there are guys that walk around and say, “massage, massage, massage?”. This one massage guy walked by and us saying, “massage” and my wife looked at me and smiled. So I called him over. He was nude but for a sarong tied around his waist, about 22 years old and fit as ****. He thought I wanted the massage, but when I told him it’s for my wife he flashed a huge grin.


He proceeded to settle in around my naked wife and took out his massage oil. Remember the older gentleman is two meters away. He told my wife to relax and turn onto her belly.  He started on her back first. He knelt at her head with his knees around her shoulders and just before he began my wife said, “wait, if I’m nude, you have to be too”. So he shrugged, stood and untied the barely-covering-anything-anyway sarong. His **** flopped out and slapped against his leg, my wife looked at his ****, then at me and smiled and laid her face down again.


The massage-guy took up the same position, with my wife face-down and he on his knees with one on either side of her shoulders. If my wife were to raise her head, she would’ve bumped her nose on his ****. I lied down beside her and watched as he spread oil across her back, over her bum and down her legs. I swear when he reached down her legs he deliberately let his **** and balls touch the back of her head. I started to get hard, I mean an erection like I’ve never had, I could hardly even recognize my own **** it was so hard. He saw how hard I was and assumed that was a ‘go-ahead’ to do a ‘full-body’ massage.


I almost forgot that there was the older gentleman behind us, I looked at him and he had a full-on erection with a video camera in hand. This time he didn’t try to hide it. I was like, well this is on a public beach anyway so anyone could take pictures as they liked.


The massage guy finished her back and spreading her bum and running an oiled finger between her cheeks, then he asked her to turn over. That was when I realized that I wasn’t the only guy with an impossibly hard erection, but the massage-guy himself was erect. His erection was pressing up against his belly. It was big and it was hard. It was so hard you could’ve used it as a sling-shot. My wife dizzily woke up and first saw the older man’s video camera and with his potent erection, that he probably hadn’t had since he was 18, she flipped over to see my enormous erection that probably she couldn’t recognize and finally the massage-guy has a raging **** inches from her face. My wife just smiled and flopped over with a sigh.


Now the older man had a full up-frontal shot of my wife’s oiled up, puffed-up, hairless *****. The massage guy started with her breasts, then when he moved down to her belly and hairless mound he ‘accidentally’ bumped his balls on my wife’s forehead. His **** would’ve slapped her face if it wasn’t pointing straight up against his stomach. He said “sorry” and my wife said “that’s okay”, and  he moved to her side opposite me. I was now slowly pumping my erection as he rubbed massage oil onto my wife’s bare mons and vulva. With the older man video-taping everything from the most enviable point of view.


The massage-guy continued for about five minutes massaging my wife’s full nude, bald, mound, and every now and then he glanced at me as I slowly massaged myself. Finally he said, “Okay we’re done”.


My wife woke from her daze and saw me pulling on my ****, the older man slapping his **** wildly, and the masseuse with a raging 22-year old hard on. I held out the drachma to the massage-guy and as he took the money in his hand, I looked at my wife and said, “I don’t think you can let him go walking around the beach in that state.”


She replied, “You mean, you want me to do something about that?”


“Yes, you caused it, you have to solve it”


My wife asked the masseuse for his bottle of oil. He offered it to her and she just held out her palms. He squirted the rest of his bottle onto her hands and my wife laughed. She rubbed her hands together and took one more look at me, as if to say “okay?”. I nodded my head, “okay”.


She sat up, with her legs crossed, ‘Indian Style’, and pulled the masseuse’s **** down – it was that hard – she looked at it for a minute, moving it around looking at it from all angles and then said, “it’s Big!”. She held out her wrist and forearm to his **** to show me that it was as big as her arm. She laughed and said, “Oh my god, it’s so big”.


Then she started to stroke it. She cherished it like was the last **** she’d ever have. I never saw her worship my **** like the way she was, she acted like she was at the mercy of his hard ****.


I tried to NOT ***, it was difficult but I wanted to *** at the same time my wife made him ***. She stroked, pumped, shaked and worshipped his **** as much as she could with her hands. Then she said, “Can I try it in my mouth?”


I said, “….. ahh Okay”. I almost came when she asked that. I had to stop stroking and pulled my balls out of my body it was so hot.


Even hotter, was when I saw her open her mouth and pull his **** in. She swallowed and savored his **** head like it was a sea-scallop. After a minute or two that was it for me. I watched her pull his **** in and out of her cheeks, hearing the popping noise of the suction every time she pulled out….. I came…. Like I swear, like I never came before. I sprayed all over my chest, and caught one lode on my own face and also saw that the older man had caught it all on tape.


My wife glanced over at me while I came, but she kept pumping on the massage-guy’s ****. Then he said, “I’m going to ***”, in a thick Greek accent. My wife kept sucking on his pulsing **** head, and keeping more of it in her mouth, as she knew full well he was going to ***. She took the first one or two shots down her throat and pulled out his **** from her mouth and he shot about six more time on her face when she pulled on his ****.


 I looked over at the older gentleman and he had came also, during filming the entire event with his camera in the other hand. My wife looked around at the three previously hard-as-rock-***** as they started to limp downwards and said, “that was a good massage”.     

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Was it Spain? or Greece?

I would love to massage your wife. You are such a lucky husband she got.

lovely experience and

Thanks for sharing.

I hope you know how lucky you are to have a wife like her! Shes a dream girl.

awww wot a sweet sexy story...i faved it =) if it was me id of gived the old guy sum 2 lol

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great experience. well written. there were four raging erections - myself included!

dats not a wonderful story.,..hw can a man tel his wife to suck n touich her body to ada man???wat was he doing..cant he do that to his own woman.,...

Man that was a hot story.

very sexy story.

after reading i'm breathing heavily and my ***** is tingling. think my boyfriend is going to get a bj when he comes home on his lunch break.

awesome - love it too.

awesome story, u r a lucky man

Very hot story. I have these kinds of fantasies about my sexy wife often.

thats one wonderful story

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yes awesome

I love this type of experience and my wife and I managed in several times. Got most action at Studland beach in UK and at Cap D'Agde in France.

hot massage indeed!

It doesn't seem like the best part of the stories get told, we want to know what happened afterwords also!

that was so hot! what did your wife say afterward? and what about her "needs"? sounds like everybody but her got off!

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