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Neighbours Party

last night my wifa and I went to a neighbours party for her 65th bithday.  We were the youngest there by a fair bit but still enjoyed their company and had a few drinks and a nice time.  My wife is very pretty and slim.  She wore a white lace see through top with a cami top under so that together they weren't see thru.  She never wears a bra, so was jiggling nicely up the road as we walked to their house.

During the night we were sitting down eating the buffet when one of the neighbours friends from tne next village came up and chatted.  He was about 70 and a bit of a rogue.  My wife was sat at the table he was stood beside her so he leant his hand on my wife's shoulder and said something to her about the kids that were milling around.  The effect of his hand on her shoulder made her cami top gape and he could see right down her top and easily see her nipple.  She couldn't see where his eyes were but i could.  She replied and he pretended he didn't hear and leant forward with his hand still on her shoulder to listen to what she said so his ear was by her mouth and his face was practically down her top which he was making gape with his hand on her shoulder.  His face was only a foot away from her exposed nipple, but she had no idea.

Later that evening she sat in a sofa chatting and i noticed he positioned himself on the arm and chatted to her while getting a good eyefull every time she leant forward.  I was enjoying his attention so i offered her drinks and chocolates to get her to lean forward for him and saw his eyes immeditaely go to her nipple as she leaned forward. 

He's on a local pressure comittee about a proposed factory and wants to come over for a chat about it sometime.  I left him our number so he can arrange a vist sometime.  She never wears a bra so he will hopefully get another eyeful. 

Ditchmeister Ditchmeister 46-50, M 1 Response Apr 18, 2010

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I so love that kind of attention,especially like the part of you offering her chocolates and drinks to lean forward...genius!