Exploration Is Good

in my old job taying within the box was expensive and time consuming.   so anytime we werefaced with a problem i would sit and think, and then discuss the proble wit the boss and put forward my ideas, 95% of the time i was met with agreement, but no idea where to start.

Once, we were faced with the problem have having 400 acres of grain and a combine that was not big enough to handle all that in the time we had available to harvest,  normally people would purchase a suitable combine, not us.  we ******** the combine and keeping only the engine and cutting head in place, we then used the materials we had at hand, (old cars, trailers, etc) to construct a larger grain tank and wleded that to the chassis.  now instad of holding only 4 tonnes of grain, we could hold 12, still not big enough we decided to attach a draw bar to tow a 50ft trailer with a quick link system, allowing us to unlink and re-link the trailer without having to get off the combine and constructed a telescopic auger which would reach the trailer.  we could now harvest about 50 tonnes of grain in  a single run. 

When we worked out the comparative cost, we found that if we had bought a new combine it would have cost just over £600,000,  our adjustments, with labour and a few bits we purchased cost only £3500.  and it still working 10 years on.

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Oct 5, 2009