I Love To Expose My Butt Crack In Public

About one week ago,i was wearing a loose pants without underwear and i i was wearing a really short shirt that nearly covered my back.
while i was walking in the street the pants started falling until it reached half of the butt  crack (of course the shirt didn't cover it only reaches to the end of the back not even 1cm of the butt )i didn't pull it up until ,furhter the pants would have fallen and i was walking with my whole butt showing ,it was so awesome i was SO excited then i pulled it to the half only(and let the other half exposed)
But my butt was itching so i had to scratch ,so i scratched it without pulling it up.
so basiclly people know that i am showing it on purpose.
How awesome is that.:)
Do you like doing something like this?
yuugisama yuugisama
18-21, M
7 Responses Jun 9, 2010

Very cool. It's always great to sag your pants as low as possible (even better while shirtless).

you should show me your butt crack then.


Yess coool

yes i do. i was in a book shop the other day reading a book on the bottom shelf and i could feel the draft all over my sexy *** crack. quite a few girls looked at it and giggled it was awesome.

@froggieg<br />
Well, i LOVE showing my butt so much that's why i love showing a lot .<br />
every one has his things he loves more :).

Thank you ^^

Oh nice!!!<br />
But i prefer wearing shirts so naked from the bottom only. <br />
So while you r walking randomly in the street do you show it too?

Can you post your crack images?

can you go to flickr?