Best Day Showing Butt Crack Hehe

ive made sum *** crack groups but this seems to be the most popular so im writin my **** here. so yea im really ashamed but im obsessed, well not obssessed its just a fetish, i dunno but i love seeing and showing butt crack. its so sexy for me to see girls cracks and i love it when mines showing and i hear people laughing and taking pictures its fked up but ahwell enjoy my story this happened today. so i hadnt shown crack in a while so i wagged skool by myself for the first time. i felt bad for being alone but i culdnt show my crack with my mates its fkn embarassing. so i went to chadstone shopping centre, the biggest shopping centre in australia and like all of asia nd ****. i spent the whole day walkin round with most of my crack out but i was too scared to bend or sit cuz i look like an idiot. a couple of times was sitting with my *** hanging out like the full moon and no one near me said anything (i think). this was in coffee shops. i got sushi for lunch, well i just got a drink but i sat in front of these 2 asian chiks and i culd hear them laughing at my crack. but then the best part was when i sat outside the apple store using the free wiifi. there was a bench so i sat cross legged on it facing forward. everyone was laughing and pointing and one asian chik came up and started chatting to me, smiling as she spoke. we talked then she pat me on the shoulder and went, but later this young cute security guard gurl came up to me and said "sorry, darling, but people have been taking photos of you." i said why. she said your "bottom is exposed", i was like whaa and shes like "your *** crack is hanging out lol!". i laughed, embarassed and pulled up my pants. she said "sorry i was gonna stop them but i just thought id tell you know you were exposing your *** but you never know wear that photo will end up haha cya have a good day mr plumber" and she laughed. that was preeety fun :D please hit me bak tell em what you think i wanna hear yous who feel the same about crack haha latazz
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10 Responses Aug 4, 2010

thats so cool i would have definatly taken a video of ur *** crack crack i luuuuuvv *** crack so much. i show mine all the time xxxx

Yo buddy don't you have something AWESOME new?

Awesome ,Really can't say other thing!!

well people took pictures lol, but i dont have any sorry its what im like all the time though! i always have my crack hanging out :p

i really wish i could be there,don't u have any picture?

yea, so l i leant forward so you culd clearly see my *** lol

then when you were sitting your butt was touching the bench?

yeah glenn i dont want to ever be arrested for indecent exposure but they always assume its accidental and becuz i have a nice *** ;)

yuugisama no my crack wasnt exposed when i walked only when i bent over even just a little as i had a short jacket on lol. and lol it was a flat bench like with no back just flat so everyone culd see my crack :p like almost till my pants fell off coz i wanted a reaction :p

WOW!!<br />
That was amazing i wish i could be there,While you were walking in the mall were your butt exposed(I mean while walking not sitting or anything the shirt was short enough and the pants were low enough<br />
You understand what i mean right?)<br />
facing forward means your back was not facing the back of the bench but the opposite?<br />
How much of your crack was exposed then?