Exposing my Beautiful Butt Crack and Hole

I think that I have very nice rears. They looks round, plump without being fat. So I like wearing tight jeans which can exhibite their fine shapes to seduce someone, aha :). When I walk on the street, I can feel that there are lots of sight following me, of coures, my buttocks. When I was at the age of 25, I decided to wear Hip-huggers. That decision was made not only because of me but also my friends Adelaide, whose hip is too flat. "You should expose you big *** to that amorous males, beget them crazy." So she accompanied me to boutiques to buy low-rise jeans.

I've experienced a lot since I was in such a low-waist jeans. The most interesting one happened in a book store near my apartment. I like reading, so I always go to the bookstore. One day I found a very good book in a shelf, so I took it down and squatted close to the shelf to scan it. I, however, sunk myself into it because it was so attractive. I was interrupted by a woman who passed by. She nodded her head at me and winked that someone was peeping at me. "Your anus..." She murmured. I found that my ******* was exposed out and some male gazed it. I didn't care because I felt a high. Oh, my god. Would you like to see it? A beautiful chrysanthemum...
Jianghe Jianghe
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HAd to come back again to see it some more lol

That is one beautiful ***. Too bad your ******* isn't showing.

Yes ye sthat would be delightful to see...i was writing about it earlier when this girl at the bookstore was showing almost all of her butt.. i almost saw her *** hole but only almost... would love to see yours.. it has to be soo good...


Beautiful story with the promise of the future. My wife and I have tonight to clothe each other with big thick diapers absorbency, sat next to each other on the PC and read your hot texts and texts of other couples. We drank whiskey with water and much coke, so we needed a lot of pee. But we were not allowed to go to the toilet so we peed in our diapers and checked each other by inserting hand, if we wet our diapers. Now they are our babies totally soaked in urine and so replace diapers each other and we'll ********** and **** all night. We would like to see some of your photos, they are certainly exciting...

oh so nice

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wonderful to be in...

wow nice pics please send me pics of your *******

You are such a delightful creature.I mean wow you would make me want to explode.I would also like some photos. p.90t3b@yahoo.com

wow i think im in love <3 your beautiful butt drives me wild. We should talk sometime :)

i wanna see it, please, please pretty please

That is one great story and one amazing *** crack. Do you want to be friends?

OMG what a beauty. Would love to kiss them, bite them, polay with them and **** them. This will be heaven!<br />
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Send me some pics qzlkjh@yahoo.com

Nice story and WOW what an ***, I had an *** shot as my profile picture and they took it down!!

Your *** is too beautiful to cover up sweety! I think it's perfect! mmmmm :)

wow these pics are Amazing!!! I would love to see some more pics of you showing your buttcrack. :)

i would love to see some pics xxx

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PM me anytime sweety...I'm here hunni! :) *kisses*

Hi, breezysunshine, have you been in my circle? I love to chat with you!

Yes please where do you want to send it to me?

I love showing off my ******* too sweety! hehe! :)

Yean, if I squat or bend down sometimes, my *** hole will actually hang out... Would you like to give a sight...? I wanna give you a photo, but it can't be pasted here :)

send me 1

i wanna see it please

Wait you mean you butt crack showed until your hole ?<br />
more than the half?