Butt Crack At The Gym

Im a personal trainer at a gym and after a long day, I like to go on the rock wall. At night it's mostly younger guys that are climbing because it's quieter at night. I decided to climb the wall with low rise yoga pants and no underwear. As I was climbing, I could feel the top of my crack starting to expose. Every time I moved my feet up and I'd be in a bent position, a litte more crack would show. I decided that two inches wasn't enough so I pulled my yoga pants down a little more. By the time I reached the top of the wall, I'd stretch my arm up, my shirt would ride up, and about 6 inches of my *** was showing. When I descended the wall, about 4 guys were near me trying not to stare. So I bent down all the way to pretend to fix my shoe. Let's just say they had a pretty nice view ;)
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

nice sounds exciting. i would definitely have checked you out.