Buttcrack At A Conference

A couple of years ago I went to a conference with a large group of friends. We sat together during morning and evening meetings, but went individually to separate seminars.

On the first full day I wore a brand new pair of jeans. When I had tried the jeans on in the store, they didn't expose any crack when I sat down in the changing room. However, I put on these jeans, with a belt tightened to the second hole, and sat down in the bedroom to put a jumper on. To my surprise I was showing about 1 inch of crack!

During the conference week I was watching everyone who was attending and looking out for other people who were showing any butt crack. In one seminar I saw 4 separate women showing, at most, an inch of crack. Everyone was sitting on seats with large gaps between the seat base and seat back, so those sat behind got a good eyefull!

I wasn't confident in showing my butt crack to the people behind when sat in the seminar so I always hung my coat on the back of my seat.

By the last full day, I decided to loosen my belt to the last hole, and work my jeans so they gradually came down. In the car from the accommodation to the seminar I put my hand behind me and felt about 1-2 inches of butt crack. This felt really good for what was to come.

I was one of the first in the seminar so I hung my coat on the seat back and wedged it in with seats either side. I had worked my jeans down a bit more walking to the seat, and when I sat down my jeans came down a lot! I didn't put my hand behind me cos more people were coming in and sitting around me, but I reckon I was showing about 3-4 inches of butt crack, maybe more!

All went well in the seminar until part-way through, when the person behind bent down to pick up a bottle of drink. Their head brushed my fleece which, in turn, brushed against my left butt cheek. It made me realise how much crack I was showing cos it was very close to the seat base. I got such an arousing feeling from it but I didn't dare react since I was completely surrounded by people!
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Jan 12, 2013