Underpants For My Bum-showing Days

I've got two pairs of underpants I usually wear for the days I set aside for going around showing my bum. They're actually one size too small for me so they don't actually pull up all the way. Pulled up to their highest, they will show about half an inch of bum crack. I try to pair these underpants with my dark blue, low-rise jeans, and if I'm in half a mood to show my bum I'll let them ride down naturally so to expose "accidental" bum crack.

But when I'm really in the mood for it, I only wear these underpants just below my bum (but slightly higher at the front to keep Mr.Winky in his place!) with my low-rise jeans. This allows my jeans to slide down easier for me to show some serious bum cleavage!

The feeling of exposed buttocks inside my jeans is quite a liberating feeling - even better when it's outside, feeling the breeze or a cold seat!
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

how lovely , i have the same thing only more not only a pair and they are to loose
and i love the feeling when your whole hiney is outside and you r sitting on the chair with your butt directly not your pants and feeling the cold chair and the breeze how free and beautiful is this feeling .