Buttcrack At Doctor's

One time when I went to a doctor's appointment I showed 3/4 of my a$$. The nurse came in & she saw my a$$. When she squatted down I could see about two inches of her buttcrack. Then, my doctor came in & he saw my a$$ as well. When I was standing half my a$$ was showing & that's when the nurse saw it because I was wearing a pink tangtop with no bra & my tangtop went down half way down my back. 98% of my boobs were hanging out. Also, at one point I leaned over & sat back down & I noticed my nipple was showing & the doctor & nurse said that my nipple was show & then I covered it up.
adoty46 adoty46
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I would have loved to be in the waiting room trying to get a peek of the peaks... AWWW so sexy

Wow I wish that I was there. Please add me. :)

oh my god! the nurses *** was showing aswell? was it good?

Yeah her's was good too. Her buttcrack was only showing about one inch maybe less. I felt embarrssed when they told me my nipple was showing

Don't be embarrased since they enjoyed it the same... they only wanted to be "politically correct" lol