Showing Butt Crack

so it has been a while since I had my butt crack show, I really haven't shown it too much after my first story except for maybe a few mall trips and a date. So the last semester is almost up and in one of my classes there is a guy that sits behind me, I still wear low rise jeans so i'm positive he has seen some skin and the top of my underwear every now and then. So the other day I went to class I put on my usual low rise pants and paired it with some light pink victoria's secret underwear. So class started and I knew I was showing off my underwear and some skin and that the guy behind me can see it yet again lol, I noticed a few seats up that there was a girl sitting down and her butt crack was showing, It has been a while since I let my butt crack show or even thought about it so once we had our break from class I went to the bathroom and pulled down my underwear a bit so my butt crack would show when I went back to class. I got back to class a little early sat down to check if my butt crack would show and I felt a little over an inch of it showing along with my underwear as well. After a few minutes the same girl that was showing her butt crack came in sat down and her butt crack was showing again as well, then the same guy came back in and sat down and I heard him say a surprised "oh". After staring at my underwear for most of a semester I guess he was shocked to come back and see my butt crack hanging out lol....I got to admit I def enjoyed this hope it's not too strange
jerseygirl88 jerseygirl88
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Wouldn't mind hearing about your date or mall trips!