It's Almost Always Showing.

I started out unintentional, back when I was in high schooI, my pants would always fall down and it just always was showing. Now I do it intentionally, because I love it. I usually don't wear any panties and my jeans tend to just fit in a way that it's always exposed. But I won't lie, sometimes if I wear jeans that cover my *** fully, I pull them down a bit so my crack is showing. Plenty of girls show their cleavage, showing your butt crack is the same thing, just on your lower back.

Plus, it just makes you feel so sexy when you know you have a cute butt, like me. A common outfit of mine is pants that are around just below my cheeks with a belt on them (so they dont fall completely off!) and a T-Shirt to cover it, with no underwear on. Sure, sometimes with certain movements,  people end up seeing my *** hanging out, but I'm okay with that. I ahven't gotten a complaint yet. Also, ask any of my friends, when I'm wearing shorts, I almost always have the back of them folded below my bum.

Haha, sometimes people tell me that my butt is showing and I just respond with an "I know" or "Yeah, it better be." I just love it, regardless of the odd stares some people give me. I garuntee that in the future it will become another cleavage anyway, and it will practically be expected of girls to show it.

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17 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I hope guys stop sagging pants and girls start sagging it would be better

you sexy lil minx, you! love your attitude :)

good girl we can see it

damn!! would love to see that!!

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Your the best,I love it!!!

would love to be added to your group.

I'd love to see a little of your cleavage.

i pretend i didnt realise and i pull them up a bit haha, but sometimes they take pictures and laugh at me and ive had people stuff things down my crack, pretty embarassing!

I've always dreamed of seeing you and "accidentally" spilling a bag of Skittles as I stumbled and they spill into your butt cleavage. The coup de etat would be asking if I could help get them out and you agreed.

I am Totally with you.<br />
What is the reaction of the people that tell you your butt is showing and you answer "i know"?<br />
I really want to know ^^.

im a 16yrold boy but i always show my butt crack too does anyone think thats sexy on aguy? its not ahiry or anytihng lol and i cant help it i have a long crack and my pants just cant stay up

Haha I bet it did =)

I'm with you there, kmd84

What a great attitute, I am so happy that you are enjoying it.

Google "Vikki Dougan", nothing.butt...

=p Yes, here's to that

You are gifted with alot to show.