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I Like To Show My Butt Crack

Well just as my title says I absolutly love letting my butt crack hang out. A lot of the times I like to show my panties or my thong at the same time while my butt crack shows. I feel that showing my butt crack is very sexy and I really think it should stop being looked down upon it's really not that bad of a thing at all. During one of my college classes there was a really cute guy in my class and when I had my class on that day I would purposely sit in front of him and always make sure my butt crack would hang out when I sat. Anyone else have any stories to share?

kmd84 kmd84 22-25, F 13 Responses Apr 11, 2010

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Add me I wanna hear more

Sexy ladies showing there cleavage or butt cracks I am all for it and will be sure to check it out.

i wanna see the whole of your butt.

I completely agree a womans buttcrack definately with the thong or panties is very sexy.I hope women never stop doing it.It might even be sexier than yoga pants or neck and neck.To all the women that show it with pride.I thank you all,love it!

Definitely very sexy to see on a man or a women do you guys feel you have to shave back there so it looks good or you just keep it natural

i absolutely love showing my buttcrack. I love seeing guys aswell (not builders though) . I show 2-3 inches mostly but sometimes when I'm clubing I show atleast 50%. The guys absolutely love it. I even show my whole buttcrack sometimes, especially when I'm swimming, just love showing all of my butt.

I love your story!!! I agree that it's sexy for a girl to show her buttcrack and I bet the guy sitting behind you in class enjoyed seeing your crack.

I really love your story

yea i just find womens accidently butt crack showing so sexy and i show mine as well no pants fit my crack so i just embrace it now lol btw im 16 boy

I got another funny story I was out the other night wiht some friends and I saw an attractive guy I gave him a few looks but he seemed real shy. After a while I saw him at the bar so I went with a friend to go get a drink and sat down next to him. I turned my back towards him to talk to my friend while my back was turned to him he got a good view of my panties and my butt crack. A little while later I found him on the dance floor and we hit it off real good. At the end of the night I gave him my number and that was that. haha

When I was in college I let more than my crack show when I went streaking.<br />
lol<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

That is a good analogy. It is one of those things that looks much better when done by an attractive lady than an unattractive guy.

Nice story! I agree, it's no worse than cleavage.