Running Around Naked

When I was a kid in Jr High I joined the track team. My days were busy with homework and a paper route so the only time I could run was at night. There was a park near my home so i would run around there at night. Running got boring so to make it more fun I would run naked. well, I had my shoes on and my tank top and shorts in my hand. I loved the feeling of being naked and free while running. Many times at night couples would go to the park to make out and do more and at times older guys would go there to smoke and take walks. Many times I was seen. I loved the rush when some one clearly saw me and would comment on my **** or "cute butt." A few times they would call after me to come back. I was careful and I would go back, but not get to close. It was often the older couples and older men that liked to see me naked walking around with my erect **** and sparse pubic hair. Once track season ended I made up a story that the coach wanted us to train during the summer so I could go out and get naked to flash strangers. I loved it.
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1 Response May 15, 2013

I also love people seeing me naked .I also did a paper round many years ago now but did it naked one day on a dare and got seen it was such a rush.